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Rapper Rony

Rapper Rony 2K11

 birth_name   = Vikas Sharma
 birth_date    = 09 may 1993
 birth_place   = Safidon, Haryana, India
 origin          = Safidon, Haryan
 Genre          = Rap, Desi Rap
 Years_active   = 2013–present
 Labe            = S.R.S. Studio, Vasu Music
 URL            = ttps://
 alias            = Rapper Rony, Rony D-KruzzZ, Punjabi RapStar, Rajan, Vikas, Sharma

'Vikasविकास शर्मा (born 09-may-1993),  better known by his stage names Rapper Rony, Rony D-KruzzZ' and The Punjabi Rapper is a Punjabi Rapper and Record producer|music producer from Safidon. He raps in Punjabi language|Punjabi, and is best known for his work in Desi Rap.

== Early life ==

Rony was born on 09 May 1993 in Safidon, Haryana into an ethnic Punjabi, Brahman family. His father Died In Road accident munak Karnal Haryana in the year 2008.
Rapper Rony in 2K13
Rony started learning music from his Inspiration Bohemia, and writing Punjabi and Hindi Rap around that time. He occasionally Student. He wrote songs and poetry, mostly inHindi and Punjabi. His Father died of Road accident when he was 15 years old. In the yaer 2013 he got a make own a recording studio at Safidon with Abby Gautum Safidon Records. He gives the a full-time musician. Along with a group of other musicians, he planed to play stage shows in the Safidon and Haryana.

== Career ==
Rapper rony was first introduced in the song "Sham to Lagiya" by the V-KrepZ. Later, he starred in the album ''Awara'' and has contributed in 3 songs. Rapper Rony released his single track album ''Love you Baby'' in 2014. The line "duniya nu chad duniya da ki" of his song.

=== Singles ===

* "Kudi Haseen" - Rapper Rony ft Guru
* "Love you Baby" - Rapper Rony
* "Sham To Lagiya" - Rapper Rony
==== Vasu Studio ====
* "[[Kudi Haseen]]" - Rapper Rony (musician)


 ! Year         ! Album         ! Artist                 ! Music Director

 | 2013         | Awara          | Rapper Rony     | Rapper Rony

 | 2015         | The Game    | Rapper Rony     | Rapper Rony

== External links ==

Personol data
| NAME              = Rapper Rony
| REAL NAME         = Vikas Sharma
| ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Rajan, Rony D-KruzzZ
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Rapper, Lyricist, Composer And  Music Director
| Date Of Birth     = 09 May 1993
| PLACE OF BIRTH    = [[Safidon 126112]] [[Haryana]] [[India]]

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